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Train Department is pleased to announce the first joint project with Regner. It has been a project in development since 2018 and happy to report it is now in stock.

The model will come in RTR and Kit form while Kits are not yet packaged. Initial batch of RTR models ready for immediate delivery.

Specifications include:

Butane boiler
25+min runtime
Boiler with 6mm sight glass
Fuel tank, reverser and RC compartment inside rear bunker.
82* V twin cylinder with 10mm bore
45mm Chassis
R/C control ready
Options include:
Diamond stack
Brass pilot
Whistle kit.

RTR Price at $2325.00 USD
Kit price at $2050.00 USD

Visit: https://www.thetraindepartment.com

A new menu item has been added to the www.steamup.com website to make it easier to find downloadable project plans that have been feature in the pages of Steam in the Garden.

Registered users of the website will see a "Workshop Projects" menu button appear under the Magazine section on the left side of the our main webpage after they login. Clicking this button will bring up a page that will indicate the title of the published project along with the issue(s) where the plans were first published. Clicking on the title of the Project will take you to the plan(s) needed for downloading. These are PDF files that can be further saved and/or printed so that you can get started on that project.

We will be going back in time to bring you fresh scans of previously published plan drawings. Full instructions to go along with the plans can be found in the original magazine which may be available for order as a back issue (if still in stock) or download with you digital subscription.

Stay tuned - more plans to come in future issues of Steam in the Garden.


Stocks of our paperback booklet "Starting in Steam" have dwindled to the last dozen. After three printings, this booklet will soon be available only in digital form. If you have put off buying a hard copy printing of this handy introduction into live steam, then don't delay! Once they are gone, that will be it.

Doncaster, UK - It's the New Year and our friends at  Roundhouse Engineering  have announced their two new locomotives for 2018. For the fans of live steam we have a return to a familiar face of times past with a steam tram that follows in the footsteps of the earlier "Stanley". Say hello to "Clarence".

This boxy 0-4-0 is sure to please as it trundles around the garden railway. Roundhouse states that it is not a particular prototype model but typical of the style of trams that could have be found all over Europe. This means the live steamer has a basic canvas upon which they can add the details to take "Clarence" from simple to as extravagant as they desire to go along with your urban or inter-urban modelling tastes.

Rick Parker Photo

John Coughran was born in El Paso, TX in 1931. His house must have been close to the Railroad tracks because I remember him saying he always knew when the freight trains were coming through because the whole house would vibrate from the 2-10-2’s and 4-10-2’s rumbling by.
  During the Korean War John joined the Navy and became a Fire Control Specialist on board a ship that shot 3-inch and 5-inch rockets in salvos to support troop landings.