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Accucraft K28

Continuing its recent focus on big locomotives, Accucraft Trains late last month announced that it is creating a new version of a 1:20.3-scale D&RGW K-28 — last built in 2008 — but this time, the company will venture into new territory with purpose-built coal firing.

The Union City, Calif.-based maker of brass electric and live-steam locomotives, rolling stock and accessories said the price for the Gauge One K-28 would be $6500. The company didn’t provide a delivery date. It did say that the locomotive would be part of its “custom line,” which in the past has meant that no more than 50 units would be built.

The K-28 will be 40-inches long, including tender, stand eight inches tall and will be 6¼-inches wide.

Accucraft said that the boiler will be fully stayed, will be fitted with a radiant superheater and have a working pressure of 80 pounds-per-square-inch (psi) and a test pressure of 160 psi. The coal firebox will have a grate area of 62 square-centimeters (9.6 square-inches) and dimensions of 60 millimeters by 104 millimeters (2.4-inches by 4.1-inches).

Other features of the reissued locomotive will include cylinder drain cocks, a safety valve, a pressure gauge, a water sight-glass, an adjustable lubricator, a boiler feed, an axle pump with bypass valve and a tender water pump.

While a number of hobbyists and hobby firms have converted existing butane- or alcohol-fired small-scale live steam locomotives to coal firing, this is Accucraft’s first venture into this fuel method.

Earlier in March, Accucraft said it would release the Southern Pacific GS-5, a 1:32-scale locomotive for Gauge One, also under the “custom line,” suggesting only 50 units will be built. The company issued the S.P. GS-4 in both alcohol and butuane firing in 2007 but the latest model will apparently only be offered in butane. Accucraft said the GS-5 would be offered in either the Daylight livery or the all-black livery and will cost $5000.

The K-28 is a model of one of the 10 Denver & Rio Grande Western engines that were delivered by American Locomotive Works (Alco) in 1923. Three of those locomotives still exist at the Durango & Silverton Railroad, Nos. 473, 476 and 478.