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Starting in Steam is a complete guide and how-to for the small-scale live steam novice as well as for the more experienced hand. Written by longtime steamers, this book provides the reader with insights on not only how to start in the hobby but also how to have more fun.

Starting in Steam was published in Summer 2014 as both a paperback, (four printings -- all sold out),  and as an e-book . Including new material and important articles from Steam in the Garden, this 147-page book (including more than 50 illustrations) not only introduces new hobbyists to the fun and excitement of small-scale live steam, but will also provide experienced steamers with tips and tricks from seasoned hands.

Chapter topics in Starting in Steam include:

  • Choosing your first locomotive.
  • Safety first.
  • Tools and fuels.
  • A treatise on steam-cylinder oil.
  • A primer on butane gas.
  • Butane-firing basics.
  • Firing alcohol locomotives.
  • Building a raised layout.
  • Getting help.
  • Next steps.

Additionally, there is a glossary of small-scale live steam model railroading terms and a list of manufacturers providing products to the hobby.

The book is written by Scott E. McDonald and Carl Weaver, with contributions from other Steam in the Garden writers, including Dave Cole and Harry Wade.

Starting in Steam is now available for immediate digital download for only $4.95 (U.S. Dollars).

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