Visit the web site and sign on with your current password.

In the left column, under the heading Magazine, there should be a button marked "Steam in the Garden E-Editions"; click this button (Red Arrow), to expand the menu item.

You are now presented with a listing of the past two years of digital issues of Steam in the Garden; pick the year you want (the current year is first on the list).

The issues are listed in reverse-chronological order, with the currently available issue at the top. Click on the cover of the magazine you want to read.

You should now see the cover of the magazine with a control panel in gray below it. You can type in the page number you wish to jump to in the box at the lower left and clicking the curved arrow icon. You can also use the slide bar to move through the magazine as well. 

If you are not presented with the display described above, check to ensure you have Flash enabled in your browser settings. We recommend using the full-screen display when browsing through the magazine, as the native display is just too small to read.

To download a PDF copy to your computer simply click on the download icon at the end of the contents list.