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The electronic edition of Steam in the Garden includes every page of the printed magazine, displayed with “flipping book” technology. The flipbook module used to display the e-edition requires that your browser has an Adobe Flash plug-in or extension installed and activated. You can get more information about installing and using Flash at adobe.com.

Users can click on the easy-to-use navigation tools and flip through an edition, much like turning the pages of a print magazine. Pages can be enlarged more than twice normal size for easy on-screen reading just by double-clicking.

The e-edition can be set to full-screen mode, so that passages can be easily read or photos can fill the screen.

Users can download a PDF file of the magazine for storage on their local hard drive or to send selected pages to a printer. Download Guide.

The e-edition has issues dating back to the very beginning (No. 1) of Steam in the Garden, It is updated once every two months, usually around the first of the even-numbered month (i.e.: Feb. 1, April 1, etc.).