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Subscription plans

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Users of Steamup.com are divided into multiple levels:

♦ Guest: Someone who visits the site without registering. Casual visitors who do not wish to get extra information and features.

♦ Registered: A visitor who takes a few moments to give us some basic information about themselves. Registered users have the ability to post to the forums, place ads in the Swap Shop and use the Search feature. User registration costs nothing — it’s free.

♦ Digital subscriber: A visitor who wants to read the e-edition of Steam in the Garden. The e-edition is a digital replica of the print magazine, presented in “flipping book” technology for current issues (last two years), and is also available for PDF download. The e-editions older than two years are available for PDF download from the digital archive. A digital subscription gives you access to every issue of Steam in the Garden.

♦ Print and digital subscriber: A visitor who wants to supplement the delivery of the physical magazine with the ability to read issues online.

If you wish to be just a subscriber to the physical edition of the magazine, you need not become a registered user of the web site; please just visit the Subscribe now page.