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A California manufacturer and importer of museum-quality brass model trains said earlier this month that it now has become the largest supplier of 1:32-scale railroad models in the world.

Custom Model Products Inc. of Concord, Calif., believes its new relationship with MTH Electric Trains of Columbia, Md. — makers of the RailKing line of 1:32-scale locomotives and rolling stock — puts more 1:32-scale equipment in its warehouse than any other supplier. The company now has an inventory of RailKing freight cars and five-car sets of streamlined passenger cars.

In addition to RailKing, Custom Model Products is also a reseller of Accucraft Trains’ products and has bought out the company’s remaining Southern Pacific Switchers in live steam. CMP also acquired a number of like-new collections of Samhongsa 1:32-scale equipment from collectors.

The company has also redesigned its web site, which is available at http://www.custommodelproducts.com/standard.html.