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In response to what it called “good sales” of its German BR41 locomotive, Wuhu Arts & Crafts Ltd. of Anhui, China, earlier this year said it would soon begin production of a 1:32-scale version of a live-steam BR46.

The BR46 is a 2-6-2T designed for use as a passenger engine. Five-hundred-twenty of them were built from 1928–1940 by a variety of German manufacturers. It had a length of 48-feet over the buffers and weighed in at 165,000 pounds.

Wuhu Bowande’s second German live-steam engine, BR46.

The Wuhu Bowande model will be of brass and stainless construction, using a butane-fired ceramic burner. The locomotive will be 15-inches long, three-inches wide and 5¼-inches tall (402.3mm by 99.7mm by 132.6mm). The two cylinders on the engine will be 9/16-inches in diameter and have a 13/16-inch stroke, with Walschaert valve gear, while the boiler will operate at 60psi. The minimum operating radius will be 46¼-inches.

The copper boiler will have adjustable safety valves, an axle pump and a hand pump, and will have a visible water-level glass and a pressure gauge imported from the United Kingdom. The engine will also sport a lubricator and working whistle. Wuhu Bowande says it will be radio-control ready.

The maker says the locomotive was in pilot stage in late June and that only a limited number would be made and sold. Wuhu Bowande is on the Web at http://www.bowandeusa.com/?l2/ and its U.S. dealer is Stoke ’M and Smoke ’M of Mount Airy, Md., on the Web at http://www.livesteamg1us.com/ and whose phone number is (301) 467-3348.