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1:29-scale: Accucraft NYC ‘Hudson’ in Dreyfus body. Attractive locomotives keep being announced at Accucraft Trains Co., the Union City, Calif.-based maker of museum-quality brass models. The latest are a 1:29-scale New York Central 4-6-4 “Hudson” with the Henry Dreyfuss body work, a 1:32-scale Chesapeake and Ohio 2-6-6-6 “Allegheny,” and a Southern Pacific 2-6-0 Mogul in 1:32-scale.

The “Hudson” will be 40¼-inches long, 4¼-inches wide and 6⅜-inches tall, gauged to 45mm. The butane-fired boiler will have two flues, two safety valves, a drain valve, pressure gauge, a sight glass, axle pump and tender-water pump.

The Dreyfuss streamlining body work was used on locomotives pulling such iconic named trains as the “20th Century Limited” and the “Empire State Express.” The retail price of the AML-brand locomotive will be $3895.

‘Allegheny’: C&O 2-6-6-6 butane-fired in 1:32-scale. An Accucraft representative told an online forum in February that the company is continuing with plans to also make a New York Central “Hudson” in 1:32-scale, but no official announcement has yet been made.

The 45mm-gauge articulated “Allegheny” will be butane-fired, with four cylinders controlled by D-valves and support Baker valve gear. The boiler will have a double safety valve and be fed by an axle water pump, with an hand-operated water pump in the tender. There will be a water-level gauge and a drain valve, along with a super heater and a pressure gauge.

The “Allegheny” will be almost four feet long, 4¼-inches wide and 6⅜-inches tall. The Accucraft Custom Line brand locomotive will come in three versions — a C&O 1941 version lettered No. 1601, a 1948 version lettered No. 1648 and the “Virginian,” No. 900. All will be priced at $7000.

S.P. Mogul: Versions of model include No. 1727. The S.P. Mogul will have a single-flue, gas-fired boiler and will be 38½-inches long, 4¼-inches wide and 5¾-inches tall. The locomotive will sport a safety valve, pressure gauge, water sight glass, and tender and axle pumps. It will also have a true D-valve.

The Custom Line locomotive will come in three versions: lettered as No. 1727 (currently on static display in Dunsmuir, Calif.), lettered as No. 1744 (currently in excursion service on the Rio Grande Scenic Railway of Alamosa, Colo.) and an unlettered version. The retail price will be $2750.

Accucraft is on the web at http://www.accucraft.com/ and by phone at (510) 324-3399.