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Sample Harriman baggage car.

Northern California’s Custom Model Products Inc. said recently that it has contracted with Kern Valley Railway of Bakersfield, Calif., to create a five-car set of Harriman-type 1:32-scale cars for Gauge One, making them some of the few U.S.-made model railroad products.

The car set will be individually lettered with “Southern Pacific,” and will include one baggage car, three coaches and one dining car. They will be manufactured with cast-resin bodies, precision-milled acrylic sides, ball-bearing trucks, metal wheels by Gary Raymond and couplers by Kadee.

Interiors of the coaches and dining car are specially detailed and include LED lighting, with nine-volt batteries located under the cars with a special toggle switch.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer,” said Walt Permann, president of Custom Model Products. “A complete five-car train set — lettered as Southern Pacific — and a SP M-6 Mogul locomotive from Accucraft will make an ideal passenger train.”

The cars are being sold as sets only at price of $3750. Custom Model Products is taking deposits immediately and cautions it believes the sets will sell out quickly, with orders taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Custom Model is at http://www.custommodelproducts.com/ or by toll-free phone at (800) 443-8567.