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Tom King given Brown award

Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Ron Brown Award Winner: Tom King. Long-time live steamer Tom King was given the Ron Brown Memorial Steamup Enthusiasm Award at the National Summer Steamup on July 19 in McClellan, Calif.

Tom is a from Santa Clara County’s San Martin, Calif., and has worked for Llagas Creek Railways since the late 1980s. Tom was chosen for his dedication to having fun at the Summer Steamup (2014 was the first of the events he’d missed since the founding in 1997), always bringing humor to the proceedings.

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New locos from three makers

Friday, June 13, 2014

Three new locomotives — two of them “No. 3” — were recently announced by three leading small-scale live steam manufacturers.

Accucraft Co. of Union City, Calif., said in February that it would deliver a Heisler geared locomotive based on the West Side Lumber No. 3 later this year. Heisler was the third-most popular geared locomotive during their heyday, following Shays and Climaxes.

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U.P. No. 844 for 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Aster Hobby USA LLC said late last year that it expects its next U.S.-profile 1:32-scale live steam model, a Union Pacific FEF (for its Whyte wheel notation of 4-8-4), No. 844, to be delivered late this year.

The company said its manufacturer, Aster Hobby Inc. of Yokohama, Japan, is pioneering its use of computer-assisted design (CAD) with No. 844. The companies provided the community with a number of CAD drawings of the pilot model of No. 844, produced with the 3D application Solidworks.

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Wagon trains

Friday, May 30, 2014

Suppliers to the small-scale live steam hobby seemed to be focused on rolling stock in the early part of 2014, with new offerings from Roundhouse Engineering Co. Ltd., The Train Department and distributors for Accucraft Trains Co.

Roundhouse, based in Doncaster, England, is now offering a three-plank coal wagon kit, which includes etched brass and wood parts. The cars are 106mm long (4316-inches), 59mm wide (2516-inches) and 53mm tall (two-inches). The kits come with link-and-pin couplers and wheel sets that can be adjusted to either 32mm or 45mm track. The company did not provide a projected price for the kits.

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New transmitter

Friday, May 9, 2014

A new hand-held transmitter from Remote Control Systems of Australia, the TX2-LS.

A longtime supplier of small-scale live steam radio control systems has announced a hand-held 2.4 GHz transmitter designed specifically for live steam.

Remote Control Systems of Australia said in November its TX20-LS transmitter can replace any 2.4 GHz transmitter such as a Spektrum DX4e but has more intuitive controls in an easy-to-hold form.

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